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The "Napoletanità"

Naples is one of the most famous city of the world, within It there are some peculiarities which we can not found in other places of the world, peculiarities which make this city unique in its kind. We gave the name “Napoletanità” (sort of Neapolitanism) to a particular way to be and to behave of the citizens of this city which gives birth to some results that are possible only if you have the “illness” of the “Napoletanità”.
The first result of this sort of “illness” is the “classic Neapolitan song”, born between the end of  ‘800 and the beginning of ‘900. Here some of the most famous Neapolitan songs known in all the world: “a Marechiaro”, “Guapparia”, “Santa Lucia luntana”,”Core ingrato”, but above all, perhaps the most famous song of the world “O sole mio”, brought all around he world by our emigrants, even before the born of the radio.
The Neapolitan cuisine is for sure another result of the napoletanità: we can not forget “la pizza”  (our hotel is very close to some of he most famous “pizzerie” of the world). La pizza can be considered the most widespread dish of the world together with the very well known “maccheroni” (pasta),another Neapolitan creation. Moreover we must not forget “la sfogliatella”, riccia or frolla : a sweet made of  bran, that we will not forget to serve you during the rich Neapolitan breakfast in our hotel. Then, “la pastiera”, a typical Easter sweet of Naples made of  cottage cheese, ”il casatiello”, a sort of  doughnut typical of the Neapolitan Easter as well. We have many other specialities as the “impepata di cozze” (mussels in sauce with pepper), “polipo alla luciana” (luciana octopus),”brodo di polipo” (octopus broth) served by kiosks on the seafront, the very well known “ragù” (someone wrote some poems for it), and the very good “babà”  unforgettable sweet for any festivity.
The highest expression of the “napoletanità” is the “Neapolitan slang”: it has a great importance because it is the language of many masterpieces, language of the satire and of  the humour (Scarpetta,Totò),assuming even dramatic tones in the works of De Filippo brothers and recently in the works of Massimo Troisi.
Do you like the crib? So you have to come to Naples. Even if we can found it in all the catholic  world, is in Naples that it had its maximum artistic development, San Gregorio Armeno, place known for the production of the crib and its figures, is very close to our hotel,situated not only in the centre of Naples,but in the centre of the history itself.

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